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Digesta_Justiniani_Infortiatum_1997751The Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor at CNU is delighted to announce several upcoming events and activities.


On 22 February 2018, our lecture series will continue with Dr. David Salomon, Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities. His talk is entitled: ““Incipit: Archival Research in Medieval Studies.” 4:30 pm, Trible Library 170.


Next: on 24 February, as part of CNU’s Conference on Leading Change, organized by the Student Diversity and Equality Council, MRST faculty will be leading two break out sessions: Womens Leadership in the Medieval and Early Modern World and Pre-Modern Women: Gender Identity and Contemporary Representations.

Come learn about and discuss  influential women from the medieval and early modern worlds. Our first panel discussions seek to challenge notions of female submissiveness during these time periods and reflect upon the legacies of prior woman leaders.  In addition to a thread about medieval queens, panelists will discuss Hildegard of Bingen and Portuguese Duchess of Aveiro, Maria de Guadalupe of Lencastre. Isabel de Castilla; By Pedro Marcuello [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


The second panel will encourage students to think about how contemporary representations of Hrotsvitha of Gandershiem, Isabel of Castille and Joan of Arc encourage us to consider and discuss a wide range of timely issues: from artistic patronage, female authorship, and diversity in theatrical casting, to questions of political power, social class, authority and exploration; and from changing ideas about sanctity and heresy to questions of religious diversity, “holy war,” and religious oppression.

If you’re interested in questions regarding race in the Middle Ages, see “Hold My Mead,” by Sarah Emily Bond, for a list of articles, essays and blogs.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Dante Gabriel Rossetti [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Isabel de Castilla; By Pedro Marcuello [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



Finally, last but surely not least for now, we’d like to announce the first ever MRST undergraduate Research Showcase. This will take place on Thursday, 22 March at 4:30 pm in Trible 170. CNU students are invited to give research presentations (7 to 10 minutes), based on their work in any MRST class from Fall 17 or Spring 18. Contact srowley@cnu.edu for information, and to submit a 250-word abstract for your presentation.

anonymous, via Wikimedia Commons

Wheel of Fortune, Lydgate’s Siege of Troy, via Wikimedia Commons

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