The Parker Library on the Web 2.0

This is just a brief post about the recently launched “Parker Library on the Web, version 2.0,” which is free to the public.

The Parker Library at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge holds an extensive collection of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, as well as early printed books. Most of the manuscripts have now been digitized, and are available for viewing on the Parker on the Web site.

The home page for Parker on the Web 2.0

The home page for Parker on the Web 2.0

CNU’s Prof. Sharon Rowley will be attending the Collegium: “Celebrating Parker 2.0,” Stanford Text Technologies Fourth Annual Collegium, at Stanford University, Sunday March 25 to Wednesday 28 March 2018. This Collegium is hosted by Drs. Elaine Treharne and Benjamin Albritton, through Text Technologies, with additional support from Stanford University Libraries.

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