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Exploring Primary Sources in pre-Columbian Art History

FNAR 403WI: Exploring Primary Sources in pre-Columbian Art History Dr. Morán This is another special topics course being offered at CNU this spring that also counts towards the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Minor. Description: Indigenous cultures of the Americas recorded their histories, their mythologies, and even their tribute systems in a broad range of forms.  […]

Looking For Arthur

June 4-19 2021 CNU Study Abroad Course Dr. David Salomon and Dr. Grace Godwin, English 392/Theater 395 Spend two weeks studying the history and influence of King Arthur and the Arthurian legend through literature, art, film, and visits to historic sites in England and Wales. Sites we will visit include: Harry Potter Studio London, the […]

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ENGL 423: Major Authors: Geoffrey Chaucer

CNU English will be offering a Major Authors course on Geoffrey Chaucer that will also count towards the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Minor. John Dryden considered Chaucer to the “the father of English poetry;” more recently, Francine Prose has observed that: “It has become fashionable to talk about voice in fiction as if it were […]

MRST Courses for Spring Term 2018

The following courses being offered in Spring term 2018 qualify for credit in the MRST program: CLST 201 The Mythic Imagination ENGL 200 Literary Foundations: Ancient – 17th Century ENGL 312 History of the English Language ENGL 373 Myth, Legend and Romance in Medieval British Literature ENGL 423 Major Authors: Chaucer* FNAR 202 World Art […]

MRST Courses Summer and Fall 2017

The following courses offered at CNU starting in May and August will count towards the fulfillment of our minor in medieval and Renaissance studies. MAY 2017 FNAR 403W Adv. Topics in Art History: Renaissance Florence (WI) FALL Term 2017 ENGL 200 Literary Foundations I: Ancient – 17th Century ENGL 271 The Arthurian Legend in Fiction […]

The Humanities and the Sciences

This is the first of several posts that will explore the relationship between the humanities and the sciences. We’ll be writing a range of posts that look at historical figures ranging from the Venerable Bede to Leonardo da Vinci who worked across the areas that we consider to be the arts, the humanities AND the […]

Hoards, Burial Sites & Museum Resources

(This post is a resource for my students ENGL 223-6, who will be reading a range of medieval English and Norse literature in translation. By no means does this post provide an exhaustive list of museum and web resources for the study of material culture in early England and France, but it’s a start, and […]

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Dr. Amanda Herbert’s Fellowship at the Huntington Library

Hello CNU Medieval and Renaissance Studies Scholars!   My name is Dr. Amanda Herbert, and I’m a professor in the History Department at CNU, where I teach courses on British, Atlantic, and European history c. 1500-1800. But today I’m writing to you from sunny San Marino, CA. I’m living in Southern California this year as […]

Swords, Demons, Witches and Saints

It might be early for references to Halloween, as in my title, but CNU English and MRST took a group of students to see the American Shakespeare Center’s Joan of Arc (1 Henry VI), yesterday (ASC) on Saturday, 3 October 2015. We braved the wind and rain, with the fearless piloting of our heroic driver […]

Trip to the American Shakespeare Center

CNU English and MRST Students to Attend Joan of Arc (1 Henry VI)! This trip to the American Shakespeare Center’s performance is being fully funded by the English Department. When: Saturday 3 October 2015 We’ll travel by bus to Staunton, VA. Our first event is a tour of the historical reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Blackfriars Theater. […]

Inaugural Post!

Welcome! I’m Dr. Sharon Rowley, the Director of Medieval and Renaissance Studies (MRST); I’ll tell you more about myself in a moment. In the meantime, this is your window into what’s going on in Medieval and Renaissance Studies at CNU.  Please watch this space for short, informative posts about the CNU’s MRST program, faculty research, […]